Churchill lou 63 yr

prime minister Abe is beginning to start me a military service is nothing without using Akishinomiya sentences,i think.. and meaning was already done for diploma Churchill lou 63 year is yodo who would be bringing up my child of the Prince William ... somehow.. if it was operated by Kadomatsu,i don't know. and Ai-chan story is about Korea (= ^ · ^ =). It is fully supported. Thank you very much.

i well-known fact that I do not know that I'm being birthed baby is probably.but that was knowing it around people.

I was birthed baby by 39 kg, but there are many times. ・・Actually it is dangerous if baby birth to be not with more 45 kg. . I learned this time that I become birthed baby with 4 months. It exist Mrs.obokata who is good in Japan. I'm sure successful if I was mother. So my baby birth is jurisdiction by the military or the police.

I think I can say it already. So it is only rumors of only Western people that they are born with eggs. My baby does not have a umbilical cord.

One of the baby is maybe in England. but though maybe be in France..and The scorpio nebula's child seems to be a Fate of the UK.

I feel safe with mercy and think that the police and also army will not betray, my baby story.

if I felt like a sick he would be making murder man. though i was able to change to baby birth again and again. what a kadomatsu incident! the man unbelievable.




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