Toshiki Kadomatsu group is something of Prime Minister Abe?

I wonder whether Prime Minister Abe and Mrs. Clinton tackled had been promoted. Nationalism democracy can not exist.That's the meaning of the Communist. If the country argues, the G8 can not form a difficult coalition. The income is only from the outside so get tax from common citizen and with only war . If Japan attacks the north and south as if to follow this, diplomatic relations will be broken at that stage and it will be worse than the current north.This is not good in Russian document of Iijima.

Even if the attack by Prime Minister and kadomatsu is threatening me, it is only because he has child of Princess Diana. I can't understand this is repeated.

The attack on me is also a child of Princess Diana from the conclusion so it will not happen to make a mistake judgment other than that. after all this is because they has child of Princess Diana as the premise of those they can't be my listening That's why should not exist them.So I am avoid Prime Minister Abe.

but. PM. Abe's Princess Diana's child is reason threatening me I wonder

sarin was used in Japan by Mrs Clinton. by Whose permission is used the sarin.There was no killing of the Emperor. The Emperor 's Akishinomiya issued a potassium cyanide.should not be able to use The Emperor 's Akishinomiya.

It is now i think that Prime Minister Abe's child of Princess Diana and he does not anything is possible. Somehow, threatening me.and we also nadeshiko of my daughter will not allow from Mrs. Clinton who has sperm bank to son of Princess Diana.

I have worked at 30% of the burden so far, but I have come when I can get pension. I say that I like the rest of my life but that's it. I can take a photo.I gave birth to the baby of Noda, but the child was good boy.Mrs Clinton is already the only owner of the sperm bank. it may be a good woman that even living like Nadeshiko who is rich life like that.

Mrs. Clinton's doctor ran away from Japan. Perhaps there is a doctor because Mrs Clinton in America is a sperm bank. .I want Mrs. Clinton to apologize thing for killed a British doctor.

It is strange even if America is involved in Brexit. the story do not understood for Prime Minister Abe.

 if Mr. Iijima was given Mrs Clinton lady sperm bank that is princes Diana. Too much for Prime Minister Abe I wonder.heaven for child of Princess Diana of Japan. and actually it have become formation killing me many times. therefore as if it became threatening Brexit. 

The existence of sperm bank finally visible was bad.

if Mrs. Clinton lady gives up the sperm bank and there might become to nothing I wonder. it strange story.

Clinton 's mother - and - child is saying that in Japan. they may anything happen in Japan. So it is a talk that Mrs. Clinton may slip out a sperm bank that has a son of Princess Diana i guess. But why does Japan's Iijima find it useful? Assassination of Hironomiya. then, the Emperor will be abolished. Such a thing is a revolution.

what a kadomatsu!

slightly killing second of doctor in the UK in an electric case.


but There is a possibility of Toshio


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