.Elizabeth of Japan exist is my and also child happy..

it's noisy using England and U.S.A by kadomatsu.That's all kadomatsu lie.A lie of Kadomatsu to my marriage partner. it's i mean would be killed from queen Elizabeth. i will live with him.England of Iijima. It does not matter. I can not live in the UK, so I do not have to think about it.Elizabeth of Japan exist is my and also child happy.. And I got married to a Japanese man. So that's fine.and I came from the West for the first time but there was a house in Noda. Elizabeth 's understanding is that the rest of my parents' lives may take a freedom.

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top 2 have been form by Princess Diana's child. Princess Diana Japan of heaven. kinda is a name related to children, if killing succeeds, children will also be a precedent that will be killed.my child have gone to New Zealand. when they return to Japan the child is killed.and then will extinct by it. because it mean.. precedent that will be killed It was the worst.about International Treaty violation. It runs in Japan. Can you see such a gain against PM.Abe?Whether the value of kinda killing is in the politics of Prime Minister Abe?because England named.It's a name that leads to children. how thing




queen's Elizabeth taught me. my real birth is 1963/12/23.It is my named of "churchill lou 63 years'" beginning. it become my life is start.

S39 is the Olympic year, Japan's reconstruction. I came from the West for the first time since the war. And the year when I became Japanese face. I think that English parents' feelings that I am surely wanting to be with Japanese people.

 I was birthed child and played my role.i am worry nothing any more. I am being fulfilled photography activities. from this is. That is my life. love kinda.





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