who is me.


in case of i was born in 1964/2/27 if Japan. 野田浩子

queen's Elizabeth taught me. my real birth is 1963/12/23.It is my named of "churchill lou 63 years'" beginning. it become my life is start.

S39 is the Olympic year, Japan's reconstruction. I came from the West for the first time since the war. And the year when I became Japanese face. I think that English parents' feelings that I am surely wanting to be with Japanese people.

It was revealed that Clinton financial group used rumors that to kill keiki from queen's Elizabeth.

It seems that Clinton financial group twisted to have child between keiki and Noda michinori in reminding the Emperor of Abe.

it seemed to be a very strange by Clinton financial group's rumors of oneself.

i have being heard son was ordered a charcoal coat for me. i'm going to wear this season,i wonder.i have retired from Korea (=^・^=). under named Churchill lou. because i'm getting to warm heart time after time. and also queen's Elizabeth taught me she is retired from army,too.

I thought that the official residence should be good for the residence, but the house of hiroko was happy because Elizabeth said it was easy to stay was joyful. thank you.


queen's Elizabeth様に送った手紙も懐かしい。一生懸命書きました。やっぱり書いて良かったんだ・・(´▽`) ホッ


My achievement was said to have kept the tradition.



After all Scorpio nebula is when i born might been existed inside me.

anyway Scorpion nebula and reproductive response could not be taken with Akishinomiya 's medicine.


I was allowed the name of kinda from England. 

I think that it will be a common name with my country and also the name would be able to use with every country from this.

Finally thank queen Elizabeth. I thank queen Elizabeth the thing of married with Churchill lou on my real birthday. i mean England birth.This will be unforgettable for the rest of my life.


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